Continuous Monitoring


Awario will continuously monitor every last bit of the ‘internet’ for any of your chosen keywords or reference to your niche / brand etc, it does this in real time. So you are first to be aware of something that can impact your business.  You then react to them as soon as you can – the sooner the better. Remember the old saying  Forewarned is Forearmed  – this is never more so relevant when communicating online.

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Prioritise what’s Important


There maybe lots of tweets, blog posts, press releases, video comments that affect your business, so knowing which ones have the most visibility is key. Awario  helps you immediately see how many people are involved and any followup messages etc – so you can prioritise what needs attention urgently and is exposed to many people etc. Prioritise your efforts to those areas with a larger audience.

Any language or Platform


Awario monitors for keyword phrases in any language and across every platform out there. Small or large business makes no difference.
Remember Search terms can be a grey area with certain phrases. You can filter out any ‘negative’ keywords to fine tune your profile to ensure you get relevant notifications.
Awario Any Platform Any Language

Awario – Mobile On The Go Wherever you are


You can take Awario with you wherever you go – you just need a browser. Awario processes lots of data, but that wont affect your data limit. All the processing is done for you. Just login via any browser and the dashboard is right there in front of you whenever you want. Tablet, Laptop or Smartphone – you can manage your daily marketing tasks anywhere.
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Email Scheduling Reports

Never miss a trick


Just in case you missed something Awario can send you daily or weekly summaries of everything it’s discovered for you. All delivered automatically to your Inbox, ensuring you never miss a thing. Like an email alarm and alert system you can respond to as soon as you are back online.

Analyse Everything


You can track your growth, identify the real top influencers in your niche, compare alerts and watch your progress. If you need to show your team or your boss the current state of play, there is a shareable link they can use so they can view reports and stats.

Awario Analysis Engine Features
Awario Analysis Engine Features

Good Housekeeping


Nobody likes clutter, so Awario easily groups together various re-tweets, shares, likes etc.  Responded to something – mark it as done, file it and move on. Sort on unread posts,, add to a favourites list. Configure it how you like to work.

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