The internet is talking about YOUR business  


Find out Who – Where – What  and then join the conversation –  before your competitors do

AWARIO Individually crawls more than 13 billion pages per day + other APIs

awario monitors youtube facebook twitter instagram forums web blogs news

Lets Get You Started

What is it ?

  • Near real time information – any mention of your product,company,brand,niche etc.
  • Monitors every area and aspect of the Internet – no website,blog,social media page is left un-turned.
  • Monitors over  13 billion webpages daily – plus other API’s (Social Media / Twitter etc)
  • Immediate response action
  • Picks up positive and negative comments

Features & Benefits

  • Grow Brand Awareness – Direct Word of Mouth Marketing
  • Research Your Market Niche & Respond
  • Engage with Customer – Directly & Immediately
  • Discover Sales Opportunities – Communicate everywhere with anyone about your niche
  • Reach Out to Market Influencers – You know your services & products – let other know
  • View everything through a standard internet browser

Monitors All Platforms Everywhere For You

Ramp up your brand awareness.

Discover market related discussions and join them in real time. Organically spread the word about your product, service, or offering over all Social Media Platforms and the Web.  Reach new audiences and new customers just just by word of mouth marketing.

Did you know 42% of consumers learn about new products and services on Twitter?.

word of mouth marketing app
Research Your Market Niche

Market Analysis

Social media can be full of hot air but if filtered correctly there is very valuable market information and consumer led knowledge to be gained. Awario can remove the internet ‘noise’ and serve up just the bits required to give you a ‘heads up’ on where you need to focus to better understand your audience and adjust your marketing accordingly

Did you know that 71% of businesses admit that social media insights helped to improve their social media campaigns

Directly engage with new & old customers.

Dont wait for customers to come to you – they wont. Instead go directly  to them.  Customers talk to each other – join them. Answer everything they ask. More importantly address any negative feedback directly for the whole internet to see. It demonstrates amazing customer service – for all to see.

Were you aware – Consumers spend from 20% to 40% more with companies that engage and respond to customers over social media.

awario market research data app

Find sales opportunities.

People are looking for services / products like yours everywhere on the internet, blogs, forums, Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube. They are asking questions and seeking advice. Let Awario tell you where instantly and convert those prospects into customers by being the first one there to help / advise on their queries.

Customer behaviour  indicates that 85% of consumers will do research or ask online before making a making a purchase

Harness the raw power of Big Data from Social Media to your advantage

Grab the competitive edge over the rest

The days of simply having a social media presence and scheduling some updates makes you a “social” brand are OVER. You need to move fast as new technology has exploded companies into the next level of social media engagement. By giving them the insights into the BIG data being produced on Social Media every second. When this data is harnessed and filtered to your exact requirements in easy to understand chunks – then you can use it to your advantage before any of your competitors do

awario social media monitoring app - uses BIG data very fast fast
awario live feed of social media data